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  • Goodbye and Thank you CFS

    I have two weeks left at Strong as I am moving up to the Pacific NW with my wife and kids September 21st.  My wife Amy Lee introduced me to CF over 2 1/2 years ago.  I remember thinking this was a fitness cult and something that I would not ever be able to do.  Well the fitness cult part proved true and its something that I still subscribe to. I am really going to miss MY box. I have been to other boxes but this box is where I have always felt at home. 

    Thank you Gale... Read More
  • Oh 13.2, I missed you, and other random stuff

    So I missed out on 13.2. I kinda like box jumps, too! Was in Kansas as my baby sister is going to have a baby soon, and it was shower time! Missed my family, we all live all over the place, but we were all there, and spouses too (I have 4 other siblings) And my dad asks me "are you still working out?" I was like oh yeah I started crossfit! And of course he googled it, and my family had more questions, like "what are you training for." (Seriously EVERY time people ask me that as I was headed to t... Read More
  • A month in, 13.1, & more

    A month in and Im feeling great! Yes, the workouts still hurt some, and yes I still have yet to complete a workout as RX, (Im still in foundations) but overall, I like the mental, physical, spiritual challenge that is crossfit, and with that note, lets discuss the games.… 
     Lets just say on Saturday morning, yesterday,I was scared.  I was nervous. I feared humiliation, I feared loosing my breakfast. First off, Ill start off by saying that sometimes, in big groups of peop... Read More
  • DFW home supply hits 12-year low

    I know this site is for us Crossfit junkie.  We love talking about nutrition and different workout idea to achieve a certain weight or shape.  I wanted to change it up to let you all know that we live in the best Real Estate market in the country.  There is one problem that were having these days, their arent enough homes to sell.  For me this has been a good problem to have.  But its starting to get crazy because my clients want to find their dream home.  So if the... Read More
  • Keegan LifeStyle Challenge

    I have to admit, when I started the Whole 30 challenge I did not think it would be that hard because I thought it was very similar to my diet, and that I wouldnt notice a major difference.


    I wound up losing 7lbs of fat and getting my body fat % down to a level I hadnt been at since I played college soccer.  Observations and takeaways from the 30 day challenge.

    1. You never feel heavy after a meal.
    2. You realize how important it is to just drink... Read More
Viewing 1 - 5 out of 55 Blogs.

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