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  • Ouch.

    One thing I can say for myself is that I did know what I was getting into--although (other than the fact that I remembered to show up and even had workout clothes with me) that may be the only positive thing I can say about my first session. :)
    Aside: I totally have another place I could by typing this, but if you think youre bored by this, just imagine how bad it would be on a website thats historically been about mostly writing fiction and/or software.
    But basically I have disc... Read More
  • Once Fam-Uh-Lee, Always Fam-Uh-Lee

    I have never contributed anything on here but I think the reason for my first is a good one.  Some of you probably remember Tanner Singh who was a member of Strong for a while until moving up to Frisco about a year ago.  Tanner and his wife, Holly, are close friends of mine and Bries.  The have a beautiful 14 month old daughter, Harper, who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) about 8 months ago.  The Singhs are the picture of strength and an inspiration as par... Read More

  • Um. Hi.

    This is probably premature, but apparently I just havent got the sense to go to sleep yet.
    My name is John. Im a software developer working at a startup in Farmers Branch, just off of Beltline. I have been a member at Crossfit Heat for a long while now, but I have found since starting my new job that I just end up skipping way too often, usually with the excuse that, "Well, hell, with traffic, Ill never get there in time for class anyway." Which is true. But which, of course, Im still pretty... Read More
  • 2015 Competitor Program - Overview

    2015 Competitor ProgramStrong has developed this program to assess, test, and provide and practical approach to any athletes desire to increase their work capacity across broad time and modal domains in a competitive enviroment. Your goal to be more competitive at your box, perform at local competitions, rank higher in the opens, or qualify for regional and the games are covered.
    As competitive athletes, it is your responsibility to control your nutrition, rest, and mobility. We provide the p... Read More
  • Thank You

    Crossfit Strong,

    Thank you for all of the support this past weekend while I was competing at regionals.  Without your cheers, it is pretty likely I may have not gotten up from those stupid barbell burpees! 

    Coaches/Competitors, thank you for working out with me, holding me accountable on my range of motion, and for believing in me.  You helped me get... Read More

Viewing 6 - 10 out of 762 Blogs.

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