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  • 31 Heroes WOD on 8/2

    We are hosting the 31 Heroes WOD at CrossFit Strong on Saturday August 2nd. 

    The “31Heroes” WOD is an annual fundraiser put on by The 31Heroes Project to honor those killed in action on August 6, 2011 and raise funds for programs that support surviving families of all fallen military heroes. The proceeds will be given directly to these programs by The 31Heroes Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

    To register and join our team please go he... Read More
  • DODGEBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Super-short notice, but: 

    Anyone interested in reliving some of their greatest junior high school humiliations? Or are you just a really big fan of one of the finest example of cinematic art ever made?

    Nows your chance to work out all those deep-seated childhood traumas through the act of pummelling strangers with rubber balls from afar!

    Were trying to put together a Crossfit Strong team to play in the Dodge Bowl II charity event this coming Saturday (7/19).  We n... Read More
  • Bogeyman

    Got bit by my favorite bogeyman. Not even sure how. Left shoulder is weak and... Hm. Ok, imagine some of your parts have been replaced with crackers and youre never sure how much stress the cracker can take before it breaks into little crumbles of peanut buttery goodness. Thats kind of what it feels like. 
    Push press for a hundred and sixty pounds or so? Fine. No pain. No nothing.
    Putting on seat belt this morning? Forget it, man--that aint gonna happen.
    Can say with certainty that... Read More
  • Oops :)

    When I was about sixteen years old, I could bench press more than three hundred pounds. Probably cant even squat that now. If you had told me then that starting over from scratch would suck as bad as it does, I probably would have thought you were crazy, because I dont remember it being hard--the work was just something the coaches made you do every day, and it always sucked a little bit, but it never sucked too much.
    I think the lesson to be learned here is that, whatever youre doing, its be... Read More
  • First week

    Yeah, I know, technically the first week would have included meeting you guys on Saturday for a little more fun and games, but Im in Oklahoma now and [REDACTED: potentially offensive joke about Oklahoma].
    But I can say those things because Im visiting family here and they ought to know better.
    By far, the first day back was the hardest. Day two wasnt particularly easy, but I got a lot more water in me and the worst part, by far, was trying to work out all the soreness from Monday. By Frida... Read More
Viewing 1 - 5 out of 759 Blogs.

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